The Dancing Princess

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Mo, Mr. D and Oogleberry ostracize Tiny Tina Ten Toes for her over the top love of dance, and she vows she will never dance again. Tiny Tina, Oogleberry, Mr. D. and Mo learn it is very important to honor, nurture and respect one's special talents. They realize that it is everyone's individuality that makes us unique and therefore who we are. Courtney tells a story about a princess who wants to be a dancer, but her father, the king, is more concerned with finding her a husband. The first few candidates do not share Tiny Tina's interest in dance, but then she meets Sir John who brings her a gift of a music box and declares that whatever she wants to be is just fine with him. Oogleberry recalls the first time he met everyone. He thought he better like what they like. But he found out that he didn'thave to be just like them or like the same things they like, and that was okay, because everybody liked him just the way he was.