My Brother The Jihadist

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This disturbing hour documentary by British filmmaker Robb Leech chronicles a year in his relationship to his middle-class stepbrother Richard Dart. Leech's film follows Dart to demonstrations, gatherings and into conversations with like-minded Islamists. He begins to use the name Salahuddin al-Britani, and makes highly-critical comments and criticisms to Leech about persons and life in Britain. He advocates in the course of the program that Britain should be subject to Sharia law. The program also shows him in conversation with radical Islamist teacher Anjem Choudary. Leech is confused and distressed at the transition his stepbrother has undergone, and tries to figure out what might have motivated his attitude and behavior. He watches in vain for any lessening of Dart's hostility toward his country and fellow citizens. The program was broadcast on the BBC in 2011. Richard Dart recently pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. He was sentenced on April 26 of this year to six years behind bars.