My Brother the Jihadist
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"My Brother the Jihadist" chronicles British filmmaker Robb Leech's journey to understand why his stepbrother converted to an extreme brand of Islam. Until he moved away to London, Leech's stepbrother Richard Dart was an ordinary white middle-class boy from an English seaside town. Then his family learned through the media that Dart had become a radical Islamist, and had changed his name to Salahuddin al-Britani.

Leech follows Dart for over a year as he sets out to demonstrations and interacts with like-minded Islamists. As a jihadist fundamentalist, he believes the U.K. should be ruled by Sharia law.

The film exposes Leech's attempt to reconnect with his stepbrother as he watches in vain for any lessening of Dart's hostility toward his country and fellow citizens. As Leech spends time with Dart, he witnesses a very particular phenomenon -- the embrace of radical Islamism by young men, many of them white.

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