About the Show
Retired detectives with over 80 years of service between them are recruited to re-examine unsolved crimes. The squad is headed by Sandra Pullman, a detective in disgrace after mishandling a hostage situation. Adapting to new 21st century police strategies, not to mention working under a tough woman with her future on the line, isn't easy, as the three discover with plenty of comic results.
Saturday December 20 at 11:00PM on KCET-HD
Monday December 22 at 8:00PM on KCET-HD
Saturday December 27 at 11:00PM on KCET-HD
Monday December 29 at 8:00PM on KCET-HD
Monday January 5 at 8:00PM on KCET-HD
Saturday January 10 at 11:00PM on KCET-HD
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Want to know more about the motley crew of retired police officers who re-open troublesome cases that were never laid to rest? Here for you is our full episode guide so you never miss a beat.
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