New Tricks


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Season 3, Episode 8: Season Finale

Luke Hanson was charged with burning down his school, thanks to the evidence of the headmaster, Andrew Simson. Five years into his sentence, new evidence linking Hanson to a robbery which took place at the same time as the arson attack earns him early release. Free and allegedly reformed, Hanson now wants his case reinvestigated to find out who really was responsible for the fire. Meanwhile, DAC Strickland encourages Sandra Pullman to apply for promotion as Head of the Murder Squad -- a job she would most certainly get. Does she really want to leave the team? Not wanting to unsettle the team, she keeps news of the possible promotion to herself. Standing gets a bit of a shock when a young woman, Emily Driscoll, arrives at his flat claiming to be his daughter. And, Jack Halford finally realizes who the hit-and-run killer of his wife is, in a confrontation with overtones of dialobolical evil.