New Tricks

God's Waiting Room

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Season 4, Episode 2:

Sandra Pullman's private and professional worlds clash when her mother Grace suffers a fall and needs care. When Grace temporarily moves in with Sandra, sparks fly. However, the two do agree that Grace can no longer live on her own and they look for a suitable nursing home for her. On the surface, Whitemead seems perfect, until one of the residents confides that the death of an elderly resident a year previously was covered up and passed off as suicide. The UCOS team goes undercover. Jack Halford reluctantly agrees to play the role of elderly relative and manages to secure a place for himself at the home. Like a thorn in Halford's side, Gerry Standing delights in playing the concerned son visiting his old dad. In an ironic twist, neurotic Brian Lane gets to play his doctor. It soon becomes clear that the calm facade of the home hides dark secrets.