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Sep 8

The Truth Is Out There

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Sat Sep 13 at 11:00PM on KCET-HD

Conspiracy theories and government cover-ups face the UCOS team when the detectives reopen a case involving the suspected suicide of respected journalist Peter Edelmann. Halford is rattled when confronted at the funeral of a colleague by his widow, Cheryl Brooker. She plans to drag her former husband's name through the mud in order to contest his will, proving he was not of sound mind when he wrote her out of it. It is a question of honour and Halford is determined to protect his friend's name - even at the cost of his own reputation. Former policeman Derek Brooker was obsessed with the circumstances surrounding Edelmann's death, which was written off as suicide. Brooker was convinced Edelmann's involvement with a UFO-tracking group was behind his unexplained death in woods bordering a US Air Force base. Brooker devoted his retirement to trying to prove that Edelmann was silenced by the US Government because he had evidence suggesting they were communicating with extra-terrestrial life forms.