Series 10, Episode 1

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We return to find an ageing and solitary Tano Cariddi in his hideaway on the slopes of Mount Etna, where we left him at the end of Octopus Series 7. He is tormented at night by his past: his mother, father, sister, wife, lost loves and villainy are the nocturnal phantoms from which Tano is trying to escape. At the same time we discover that Ramonte (who we also left at the end of Octopus 7, charged by magistrate Silvia Conti as the mastermind behind a string of mafia crimes) has been acquitted by the Supreme Court. As soon as he is released, Ramonte rushes to see Tano to persuade him to return to action and form an alliance. Tano Cariddi thus decides to rejoin the fray, but under his own terms. He gets back in touch with Vanja, Ramonte's young assistant, whom Tano uses to treacherously and slowly poison the old professor. He quickly gains the upper hand against old and new mafiosi alike, concocting a diabolical plan to completely infiltrate the corridors of power and the country's institutions. Men, young and old, obligated to defend a proud past; young sons, knowing or oblivious, having to make cruel decisions: whether to be ruined by shame or to embark on an extreme and lawless adventure. Directed by Luigi Perelli, 2001, color. In Italian with English subtitles.