"Killing Memories" Notes

Can the memories of killing ever be forgotten? The documentary, "Killing Memories" is the story of five men who served together forty years ago in Vietnam, returning to meet their former enemies and confronting their pasts. Can they ever forgive themselves for what they had done? This compelling question resonates not only with veterans of old wars, but with those who fight for us now.

Rich Luttrell

Rich Luttrell and Nguyen Lan at her father's grave in Bac Giang, North Vietnam.

Rich Luttrell kept a photo of the first man he killed and years later discovered that he had become the spiritual father of the dead man's daughter.

Terry Wren

Terry Wren, followed by Pete Pepper, search for the site of a massacre which cost 18 American lives.

Terry Wren survived a massacre. He had to hide and watch his friends die. He will go back to the site, try to connect with the dead and deal with his guilt.

Tom Donhke

Tom Donhke lost a hero of his in the same battle, a medic who was killed trying to save others. Tom will honor his friend and discover that returning to Vietnam is like going home.

Benito Garcia

Benito Garcia is still filled with rage, he served multiple tours and had a reputation for brutality, cutting off the heads of the dead, putting them on stakes. This convicted bank-robber, gunrunner and drug dealer will meet men he would have killed, and establish a simple human connect.

Pete Pepper

Pete Pepper

Pete Pepper was their commander, the "old man" at 23. He is still feels responsible for his men, and feels responsible too for his wife's suicide. He brought his men back to Vietnam because they saved his life, in the war and later.

Pete is the write/producer and director of "Killing Memories". He was a television reporter in Los Angeles in the 80's, working at KNXT, KNBC and the Los Angeles bureau of CNN. He now lives in San Luis Obispo and is writing a book about Rich Luttrell and his epic journey to find the daughter of the North Vietnamese soldier he killed.

The films airs Thursday, April 26 at 9PM on "Open Call."

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