USC First Look

The following descriptions are for the USC First Look presentation of "Your Wedding," "Efrain," "Signal," and "Good Grief." (Originally aired on Thursday, April 5 at 9 p.m.)

Good Grief
Director: Arvel Chappell III
Award: Fotokem Award Finalist

Synopsis: Jack Hinkler, an average high school junior in search of love, gets the girl based on the lie that his parents are dead.

Description: "Good Grief" is the story of Jack Hinkler, an average high school junior in search of love. When Butch, a fat dumb bully, jokes about Jack's mom, Jack lies and says that his parents are dead to make Butch feel guilty. This lie earns him the phone number of the beautiful and spontaneous Ann Stevens, who over hears Jack's story and whose parents are dead. As Jack and Ann grow closer and she asks more questions about his past, Jack is forced to go to extreme lengths to keep the lie alive... er, dead.

Director: Matthew Breault
Awards: Outstanding Sound, Fotokem Gold Award

Synopsis: All it takes is an instant for life to change forever. When a 10 year Hispanic boy named Efrain steals a watch and is caught by his father, it sets off a series of events that leads to his family being torn apart.

Description: Efrain is the coming of age story of a 10 year old Hispanic boy traveling with his parents through Texas to their new home in Chicago. On their way, they are pulled over by a Texas State Trooper. When the situation spirals out of control, in an instant Efrain's life is changed forever.

Your Wedding
Writer/Director: Matthew Mercer
Awards: Outstanding Screenwriting

Synopsis: When a little girl decides to tape her brother's wedding, she has no idea that she will capture the end of their relationship as she knows it.

Description: "Your Wedding" is a family comedy about a twelve year old girl, Connie, who desperately wants to play an important role in her older brother's wedding. She adores her big brother, Eric, whom she views as a best friend and third parent, so she decides to give a speech and make a special wedding video as a present to him. The problem is that Eric never asked her to do either, and her persistence puts a strain on what is already a stressful day for him. Connie is reluctant to realize that she is no longer a high priority in his life, and over the course of the wedding day, her plans go heartbreakingly awry.

Writer/Director/Producer: Chris Farrington
Awards: Outstanding Director

Synopsis: Against the backdrop of 19th century wireless telegraph experimentation, a scientist must survive a confrontation with a distraught local who claims the mysterious technology keeps him from contacting his recently departed wife.

Description: 1899. The Marconi Company races to send the first wireless telegraph signal across the English Channel. Chief electrician William W. Bradfield pushes himself and the equipment to the limit, with no success. As his frustration grows, a conflict with a local Spiritualist medium explodes into violence. The ensuing chain of events leads to such a miraculous and inexplicable conclusion, the scientist is forced to question his most basic beliefs about the soul and its afterlife.

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