Passport to Adventure

Passport to Adventure takes the audience to unusual corners of the world for an intimate look at their natural beauty, people and culture. The series is educational, inspiring and most importantly, FUN! The whole family will enjoy traveling the world with Passport to Adventure. Filmed entirely on location and hosted by passionate wanderer Julie Conover, and her intrepid cohorts, the series serves up an uncommon mix of dynamic, enlightening entertainment. In each episode, local guides share their stories, giving viewers a deeper connection with the destination. History and cultural insights are artfully woven through the crew's adventures - wildlife spotting in Chile, exploring indigenous sites in Canada, sailing in the Caribbean, or sampling delicacies in China - avoiding the typical formulaic 'must see' travel show format. The Passport to Adventure mission is to stimulate interest in other lands, peoples and cultures, and to ignite a passion for travel and discovery in our viewers.

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