Baja California | Bolt of Blue/Flickr/Creative Commons License.

Baja California's Best Kept Secret!

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No timeshare hawkers, high rises or massive resorts; just quiet coves and pristine islands for kayakers, gorgeous desert for mountain bikers, the original California missions, and an unspoiled Mexican town. In this episode, hosts Julie Conover and Mark Jennings discover the secrets of the real Baja. Whether they are kayaking along the coast, or riding mules through the hinterland, the drama and mystique of the desert is a constant force. Mark and Julie hike with an environmentalist to learn about the delicate desert ecosystem and the preservation of it's coveted water supply. They visit a remote California mission, and "ranchos" owned for generations by the same families, getting intimately acquainted with the landscape, history and people of Baja California.