Sep 1
"Give me enough Swedes, snuff, and whiskey, and I'll build a railroad to hell!" - James J Hill, railway tycoon Danes, Finns, Icelanders, Norwegians, and Swedes all earned reputations for good hard work while settling into the United States. This film's interviews, historical photos, and footage of contemporary Scandinavian-Americans at work show why the reputation has been rightly earned. Here you'll see the sights, hear the sounds and smile at the sly humor of Scandinavian-Americans farming, logging,milling, fishing, and following religious vocations. Swedish filmmaker Stefan Quinth has made a series of four movies about things Scandinavian American. This is film #3, is about "work." The film series explores the experience of immigration, the process of Americanization, the importance of landmark institutions such as churches and colleges, the power of family and community, the vitality of arts and craft, the matter of language, and the enjoyment of humor. Immigration, language, food, celebration, jokes, a tear or two - it's a rich journey, fueled by gallons of coffee.