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Under pressure from the courts to improve inmate health care and reduce prison overcrowding, last October the administration of California Gov. Jerry Brown started transferring authority for thousands of low-level convicts to cities and counties. The goal is not merely to shift responsibilities from state institutions to counties but to drive broader changes that will lead to fewer people being locked up and offer billions of dollars in savings for taxpayers. As part of a multi-platform collaboration, the Center for Investigative Reporting and KQED will examine these unprecedented and far reaching efforts to overhaul California's criminal justice system in the run-up to the Fall elections. The story's central narrative follows a group of inmates as they're released from state prison and pass into the supervision of probation officers in counties in northern and southern California. As the lives of these people are intimately tracked, viewers will see in real time what their challenges and opportunities are and assess their chances for success under the new system. Through their stories, we'll also be able to examine the work of county agencies and the fiscal implementation of prison reform across the state. A twelve minute documentary report will be followed by a lively discussion with key players in the criminal justice system.