About the Show
"Rick Steves' Europe" offers a fresh perspective on travel, including where to stay, what to see, and how to get around Europe. Steves shares his extensive knowledge of European history, art, and culture. His experience as a best-selling European guidebook author coupled with his relaxed yet informative style make Steves one of public TV's most trusted personalities.
Monday December 22 at 7:00PM on KCET-HD
Tuesday December 23 at 7:00PM on KCET-HD
Wednesday December 24 at 7:00PM on KCET-HD
Thursday January 22 at 7:30PM on KCET-HD
Thursday December 25 at 7:00PM on KCET-HD
Friday January 23 at 7:30PM on KCET-HD
Pledge Video
Travel expert Rick Steves stopped by the KCET studios to tape a special pledge show. Check out this short interview with Steves and his co-host Maty Monfort.
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