About the Show
ROSEVELT'S AMERICA is a cinema verite profile of the struggles of a Lieberman refugee to build a new life in America. After being tortured and narrowly escaping execution during Liberia's civil war, Roosevelt Henderson makes his way to America with three of his children, but is forced to leave his pregnant wife behind. He works as a janitor, airport van driver and assembly line worker in order to support his family and help his wife flee their war-torn country. After two year of juggling low wage jobs, Roosevelt's perseverance pays off and he is reunited with his wife, Frances, and his baby daughter. By witnessing Roosevelt's day-to-day struggles, frustrations and achievements, viewers come to appreciate the distance he has traveled during his harrowing journey from torture and desperation in his native Liberia to security and stability in his newly adopted Hamlin. Ultimately ROSEVELT'S AMERICA becomes an inspiring story of quiet determination and dignity under duress.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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