About the Show
SHANGHAI 2010 explores Shanghai at a pivotal time in the city's history - as it prepares to host the largest World Expo in the history of international fairs. In this 7-episode series, viewers navigate through China's most populous and cosmopolitan city, discovering today's urban Shanghai. Over the last decade, China has been transforming at breakneck speed as the world watches with interest, excitement, and some apprehension. Questions arise: "Will China be the next 'superpower'?" "How does a communist society embrace capitalism?" "How is China confronting the responsibilities that come with a seat at the international table?" and, "What does modern China look like?" To better understand the transformative movement currently taking place in China, SHANGHAI 2010 explores all corners of Shanghai. The program follows Emmy Award winning TV host Vicki Laviakis as she introduces topics ranging from the construction of elaborate country pavilions on the new World Expo grounds, to typical Shanghai eats on street corners, to high-end hangouts with spectacular views, to Shanghai's famous jazz scene leftover from the 1930s, and much more.
Unfortunately, this show or series does not have any scheduled upcoming episodes.
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