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An Update From the Teen Sailor

An update with teen sailor Zac Sunderland following his travels through the Panama Canal.


The Year of Living Dangerously - By Correspondent Angie Crouch - SoCal teen Zac Sunderland is about to make history as the youngest solo circumnavigator in U.S. history.

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This is a must see! I have a young child and I believe a story like this is very motivating! What one person can do, another can do!

Go Zac!!!

Thank you,
Vicki Overton
Mesa, AZ

Thank you Val & Justine! Another exciting and interesting update. You guys are great!

Really enjoyed your interview of Zac from Panama. I have been following him from his departure and it is great to see him covered by the media. Thanks so much! Brian

Thank you so much SoCal for following Zac and putting his interviews and reports on your website. It's made it easier for the Minnesotan to keep up to date on Zac. I've been watching, reading and following the achievements of this young man almost from his trip's beginning. It's a story that let's us see the "good" kids that are out there, which, are the majority. Again thanks!

i have been praying for zac since the day he left upon reading about him in the LA Times. i am so touched by his story, his life and i think that he is an incredibly awesome kid! my friend and i would like to see him come home. do you have any idea when this might be?

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