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Violence in West Bank Results in '5 Broken Cameras' and Israeli-Palestinian Run for Oscar

The documentary "5 Broken Cameras" tells one part of the long story of Israel's conflict with the Palestinians. It's told through the eyes and the camera lenses of Emad Burnat, a Palestinian farmer on the West Bank protesting the illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. The film has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Earlier this week, Burnat was returning to Los Angeles from Istanbul to prepare for the Oscars. When he arrived at LAX, he was detained by customs officials for about 90 minutes. They wanted to know why he was entering the country. Even though he had an email from the Academy, Burnat says an official wanted proof in writing. Burnat was finally released with some help from his friend, fellow documentarian Michael Moore, and Twitter:

The director, Burnat, who is Palestinian, and his co-director, Guy Davidi, who is Israeli, join Madeleine to talk about how the film came about over seven years of filming the conflict in his village alongside his family.

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