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With Troubles at MOCA, LACMA Merger May Loom Closer

More than a million people visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art every year, the largest museum in the western United States. It has an international reputation for excellence, and now LACMA could become a mega-museum. The board is talking about absorbing MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art. MOCA is smaller, but very influential -- an L.A. fixture for 30 years. But MOCA is in financial trouble, and a merger could help both institutions, or perhaps alter them forever.

Jori Finkel, arts reporter for the L.A. Times talks to Madeleine about the possible merger and what it means for these two very important cultural landmarks.

You can follow Jori on Twitter at @jorifinkel.

The photo associated with this post is artist Michael Heizer's installation "Levitated Mass" at LACMA, 2012. (Credit: rocor/Flickr/Creative Commons License)

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