Archives: Seasons 1-5
Massage Parlor Boom Raises Concerns of Illicit Activity
Bell Corruption Scandal: Making Sense of the Verdicts
L.A. May Have Been Used As 'Experiment' and Revolving Door in Dealing With Pedophile Priests
'Ghosts of the LAPD' May Haunt Dorner Tragedy
Christopher Dorner Presumed Dead After Standoff in Big Bear
Investigation into Archdiocese Priest Abuse Records Reveals Missteps at LAUSD
Bath Salts 'Zombie' Drug Remains Cheap, Easy to Get, and Devastating
'The Invisible War' Sheds Light on Sexual Assault of Service Women
Roger Mahony's Apology for Abuse Cover-Up Not Enough, say Victims
Unsung Hero of 7th and Broadway Puts an End to Downtown Ticket Trap
Gun Issue in U.S. a Matter of Public Health, Assault Weapon Ban Not Likely, says Analyst
Inside the Political Debate Brewing Over Gun Control
Squatter's Rights and Wrongs: Some Making Money Off Foreclosed Homes
Crisis at L.A. Courts Has No End in Sight, Judge Says
LAPD's SMART Unit Focuses on Mental Illness
Laura's Law Could Allow Forced Treatment for Mentally Ill
Ridley: 'Lackadaisical' Attitude Makes Our Culture of Violence Worse
Legal Expert: 'More Optimistic Today' on Gun Control
What's in the Mind of a Mass Murderer?
Reporter's Notebook: Judy Muller on Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Covering Tragedy
What Parents Can Tell Their Children About the Newtown Tragedy
What Newtown Will Face in Wake of Tragic Shootings
'Lost Angels' Takes a Closer Look at Life on Skid Row
L.A. Weekly: Hit-and-Run Accidents Reaching 'Epidemic' Proportions
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