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10-Year-Old Piano Prodigy

His mother loved classical music and played it for her son even before he was born. At two Marc Yu started playing piano and gave his first recital. Now he travels the world on concert tours, has played with China’s legendary Lang Lang, and appears on national talk shows with a personality as sparkling as his piano performances. But can a remarkable child have a “normal” childhood? And how will this phenom navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence? Val Zavala spends a day with Marc Yu and his mother to discover the boy beneath the prodigy.

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Val Zavala and her staff produce great program. Thx.

Usually, the talented children's parents often put lots of pressure on those talented children, therefore many of those children growing up with lots stress and almost never experience their "childhood."
It's very nice for a talented child's mother to say during Val Zavala's interview: "… he has lots interests … as long as he is happy it's okay."
Wish Marc Yu and his family the very best.

Excellent video! I really enjoyed learning about this young man and his mother. They are amazing!

I just hope that once Marc grows up he'll be able to deal with just being exceptional, as oppossed to "exceptional at such a young age". His talents are what define him, and his age will eventually be a non-issue. Right now he is a typical boy like any others, he just has amazing skills. He will always have these skills, but will not always be a little boy. The key is to allow both of these facets to exist separately and never intertwine the two.

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