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Packin' a Punch

At a hair under five feet and barely 100 pounds, Wendy Rodriguez doesn't look too dangerous. She works as a therapist, providing care for developmentally challenged infants. But she has another life, as well. She's a five-time world champion boxer. L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez brings us the story of this flyweight powerhouse, who's changing young lives, opinions about women in boxing, and pulling no punches in either venue.

Steve Lopez: 'Obviously, Wendy and I are in different weight classes.'

Wendy Rodriguez: 'Even people who know me are surprised that I am a boxer.'

Wendy and the KCET Crew. Left to right: Steve Lopez, Gary Stevenson - audio, Wendy Rodriguez, Angela Shelley - producer, Per Larrson - camera.

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Thank you KCET (Alexandria, Angela, and Steve). I loved how my profile turned out. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I was very surprised and excited when I first saw the email asking if I was interested, and you took a chance on me knowing that I was injured and not going to fight soon. I appreciate everything you all did to make this work. You have given me something I can treasure forever. Thank you

This young lady is an inspiration on many levels. Thanks for shining a light on such a positive role model. Go get 'em, Wendy!

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