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L.A. Food Wars

For the past year, there's been a moratorium on new fast-food restaurants over a wide swath of South Central LA. Proponents say it's a way of improving the diet for the population, in an area with too few healthy food choices. Others think government has no business trying to legislate good eating habits. Correspondent Angie Crouch takes a hard look at food and politics in Los Angeles.

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The issue isn't whether or not government should legislate what people eat. It's whether or not all communities in Los Angeles have access to healthy food options. Entire communities in our city, such as South L.A. and and East L.A., are referred to as "food deserts" because you can drive for miles without coming to a single, full-service grocery store.

Whether or not there are fast food rstaurants in these communities, and whether or not residents choose to patronize them, all communities in our city should have full-service grocery stores with healthy and affordable food options.

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