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Gold Diggers

It's been nearly 160 years since the era of California history known as the Gold Rush began. We're all familiar with the image of the old prospector, diligently sifting through pans of dirt looking to strike it rich. Turns out those days are far from over. Today you can still find a prospector in the exact same spot, although he probably has a GPS, a hydraulic pump and a sport utility vehicle to get him up to the hills.

Camp Williams Resort and Campground in East Fork, CA

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I just watched this segment and wanted to say thanks for giving some exposure to small scale prospecting. I have been working on a program for homeless veterans (WOLF Camp) and the core idea of the operation is to teach veterans about the independent earning potential of small scale prospecting/mining. Here is a couple of links to articles I've written on my Newsvine column that outline the program and about myself:

VIL-OP/WOLF Camp program outline-

A piece about a bit of my personal philosophy-

I would be happy to hear any thoughts about this idea from anyone.

Thanks again for the segment.

Yule Blessings everyone


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