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The Mayor of Skid Row

Change comes in many shapes and sizes.

For the often neglected area of Skid Row, change comes in the form of General Jeff.

A new generation of activist, General Jeff is helping to build a proud and active community through grass roots efforts and a genuine love for his neighborhood.

Follow General Jeff as he engages with his community, addresses problems, and seeks solutions from the most unexpected places.

Alex Shey is the production coordinator for SoCal Connected.

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When General Jeff walks the neighborhood streets of Skid Row, meeting and talking with residents, he is demonstrating a form of civility and hope not present in the public statements of many official organizations and committees. In an earlier generation, we called it "walking his talk." What is often forgotten is that Skid Row is a neighborhood. A neighborhood of loving functioning famiies, and of the forgotten, of the hopeless and of those on the cusp of climbing out of their despair. KCET's editorial piece is a start on putting a face on the progress of this neighborhood. General Jeff demonstrates the one-on-one effectiveness of the saying related to the Buddha: "one moment can change a day, one day can change a life, one life can change the world." One basketball game can change a person's day.... Keep walking your talk, General Jeff.

It's nice to see grass-roots community building in action!

great post as usual!

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