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Putting On Ayers

Five years ago, the L.A. Times' Steve Lopez wrote a column about a homeless man he'd heard playing a violin on a downtown street. Lopez wrote another column, and another, and another. Then he wrote a book. The book became a movie.

You might have read that book. Or, seen the movie. The Soloist.

Along the way, Lopez and that homeless musician, Nathaniel Ayers, became friends. The columnist has, for years, been trying to convince Mr. Ayers to record some of his performances on his cello and violin.

Finally, Lopez succeeded in getting it all together - a studio, recording engineers, musicians from the LA Philharmonic, and the Soloist - all in once place, for a recording session. See, and hear Nathaniel Ayers in performance, and find out how he's progressing.

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How do you go about getting copies of the CD by Mr. Ayers?

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