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The Wreck Finder

A rather strange hobby turns into a passion. Correspondent John Larson brings us the story of Pat Macha, a man who tracks down the sites of small plane crashes, often after searching for them for years. And he searches out relatives of the victims and offers to lead them to the site, providing a type of closure that has eluded many of them, sometimes for decades.

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Hello, I have lived in Grants Pass, Oregon most of my life. I have been trying to research a plane crash near here that happened in Feb. of 1955.The plane was found I believe in 1969 by Forest Service surveyors.I have been to the site several times. there were two doctors and there laidy friends on board a 4 seater low wing which they all walked away from never to be seen or herd of since.There was lots of snow that winter and the nearest road was 10 miles away. I've looked for clues very close to the site and found nothing. This year i'm expanding the search area. I hav'nt used all my recources up here yet. NTSB reports don't go back past 1962. I have checked local archives from the local paper (micro fish) and will continue so.
Maby you can help. I can't let it go as you know how that goes.
Thanks alot, Don

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