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Shoes With Soul

A Santa Monica entrepreneur has found a way to put shoes on the feet on thousands of poor children across the world—compliments of customers. For every pair that TOMS Shoes sells, another pair is given away to a poor child. Since 2006 nearly 150,000 pairs of shoes have been given away in Argentina, Ethiopia, South Africa and other countries. Founder, Blake Mycoske, also uses an eager army of interns/salespeople to spread the one-for-one idea across the country. Anchor Val Zavala talks to Mycoske to find out if merging capitalism with charity can be a model for sustainable giving.

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I want to Toms shoes. Can someone tell me a boutique anywhere between Burbank, where I live, and Santa Monica where I used to live.

I want to try them on. Then I will buy two pairs.

Thank you,
Mona LaVine

"Share and Save the World"
--Maitreya the World Teacher

Hi Mona -- Here's the link from the Toms Shoes website. It lists the L.A. retail locations. The one near you is at Active Ride Shop on San Fernando in Burbank, 818-333-1580

I bought a pair myself and really like them.

Thanks much.. Val

Very impressive story. ONe person can make a difference. Thanks for sharing this with your viewers.

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