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Trouble In Paradise

The members of the supergroup U2 are known for their political and environmental activism. Now, their guitar player, known as The Edge, wants to build a development on a pristine ridge overlooking the Pacific in Malibu. He says it will be green and eco-friendly. But some say it's way over the top. L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez gets to the bottom.

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What is not mentioned by Mr. Evans is his plan to build a 20' wide road 6,480 ft. long to access his 5 parcels. There will be 100s of feet of tall walls on the road . In addition he plans to bring water down from the mountain top a distance of 1 1/2 miles . His easement for this water line requires that he provides hydrants for property owners further up the mountain which will lead to finishing developement of the entire mountain . All of his houses are planed
to be on prominent ridgelines . Malibu has a ridgeline ordinance that would prohibit what he is planning but his property is just over the County line and is exempt from the guidelines all Malibu residents are bound to . His house designs might blend into the land but all the infrastructure mentioned above most certainly will not . He is asking exceptions from standards others are required to follow on a scale that is astounding .

why doesn't the edge go and build his castles in ireland where he comes from?
it's beautiful there too.
could it be that they wouldn't allow it?
or aren't there enough worshipers in ireland for him?

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