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Beastly Rides

The Los Angeles Zoo's new Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel has so much more to offer than lions and tigers and bears. It lets you climb on a brightly-colored menagerie of hand-carved, hand-painted animals to the music of the "California-sound."

You (and your kids) can choose from an elephant, a silver-back gorilla, a komodo dragon, or 63 other creatures—including some endangered species that the zoo is working to preserve.

The slideshow above features some of the animals that are available for sponsorship. For more info on that go to

A press release from the Zoo says the Carousel whisks you past a "dusk-to-dawn pictorial of the world’s wild animals in unexpected settings— from Malibu to Hollywood."

It also offers a place to kick-back after a few hours on foot visiting the live animals in the rest of the Zoo.

Photos courtesy of The Los Angeles Zoo

Music: Original Rags (1900, piano roll) by Scott Joplin is used under a Creative Commons License.

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