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Beware: Foreclosure Fraud

Jeff Davi

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Saul Gonzalez, story editor for SoCal Connected, interviews Jeff Davi, California’s Real Estate Commissioner about the rise in foreclosure fraud. Davi offers ways homeowners in trouble can protect themselves from con-artists.

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VERY good coverage of the trash-out businesses. Usually, newscasts find dirt - even make it up.

I've worked in short sales for the past few years and 99% of my clients have been wonderful Americans trying to cope with a hardship...not the bad types that the press usually finds.

Now, I am helping homeowners modify loans easily/inexpensively...themselves.
Good work.

I just saw your piece of Fox Business News (if you are the same Mike Rockwood) and would love to be able to speak with you regarding becoming a client of yours for loan renegotiations (I also have a few other clients of mine who could benefit).

You can reach me at (661) 373-2338 or bankeras@me.com.

Adrian Simon