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The Price of Power

Updated: July 8, 2010

Why are DWP workers getting raises, when other Los Angeles city agencies are laying off employees and slashing wages? DWP employees secured a five-year wage package worth $300 million, just as the city was heading into an historic budget deficit. Plus, as Angelenos struggle to pay their bills, the mayor wants to add a big surcharge on electric rates. Find out why power and politics have created a DWP that seems insulated from economic reality.

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Thanks KCET for this report and I wish you and Val get an award for this report. I will really love to see the people who live in LA City take this very seriously. Though I don't live in LA I am very concerned especially as most of these power agencies are going GREEN. The only green they are actually going for is their customers' wallet. If going green means higher light bill I will prefer to keep using the so called dirty energy to save my money and keep a roof over my family and put food on the table without waiting for govt. peanut welfare chacks. Unions are the most dangerous organisations that are killing our govt. and endangering the financial future of our great society.

Besides, the corruption of our politicians is what is making all these possible. They take their share in the form of political donations and saddle the public with unbearable bills that end up paying union members FAT CATS. Some day the people will wake and react. Thanks to KFI AM 640 for airing.

Who is leading the charge for the recall of the Mayor. That is what I am a waiting for.

All i can say is wow! Why doesn't KCET get the full story first before posting such incredibly slanted political garbage?

Are you aware that SCE is raising rates to cover the costs of a new metering system? NOBODY RAISED AN EYEBROW because they are not tied to a city bureaucy. Since DWP is municipally owned they are not treated fairly as what they are (a utility) but just another city agency.

Never mind the fact that they are facing EVER STRINGENT requirements from the Federal & State governments for greener energy. It's just amazing the things people take for granted.

And never mind the fact they went MANY, MANY YEARS W/OUT rate increases and are still generally less expensive when fairly compared to OTHER UTILITIES with which they need to compete for employees.

KCET you should be reprimanded for such BIASED reporting.

Don't forget that they pass over $200 million a year to the city's general fund and that the infrastructure is desperately in need of attention. Yesterday DWP said bursting binge was due to "old" pipes, in rebuttal to ration days as cause.

Slum lord of utilities, neglect re-investing income into the maintenance. All this is sounding like Mark maybe is paying union dues to, well, maybe Brian D'Arcy's union?

And don't forget that the Mayor's timetable was set by him, not mandated by law, he just wants to be first to add to his spotty resume after getting burned on that consumer-be-damned sellout of a deal, Measure B.

Good Job KCET- and you have just scratched the surface.

I saw the commentary at the end of the show by Mario Villatoro that his DWP bills are running $800-$1500. My husband and I pay $225-250 every two months and I thought our bill was high. How on earth does someone have a $1500 DWP bill? That's a lot of consumption. Does he have a pool, a spa, and run his air conditioner all day and night?

I remember it was not that long ago that Enron massively drove up the power rates in California. L.A. DWP customers were NOT subject to this fraud and crazy speculative rate hikes. I remember being very greatfull at the time that our power company is owned by the city.

I guess the main point of the DWP segment was that unions are bad, very bad, especially that DWP union.


I support KCET suggesting that it may be time to seriously consider if we really want to pay for Green Energy and have California shoulder the expense of reducing CO2 with AB32 all by itself. Maybe it is time to stop building renewable energy if it is not cost effective. Maybe California should not be going forward with AB 32 when it already is the model for a low carbon future.

Thank you KCET for opening this door.

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