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Lights, Camera, Jobs

There's a film school training at-risk and troubled teenagers for high-tech, well-paying jobs in the film industry, and it's not at USC, Cal Arts, or AFI. It's the Hollywood Cinema Production Resources center at West L.A. College. L.A. Times columnist David Lazarus introduces us to the teachers and the students undergoing intense training in so-called below-the-line production — the grips, gaffers, set builders and costumers.

Hollywood CPR

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This was very interesting; however, it was HEAVILY focused on men. Did you notice that? It would have been nice to see a bit more about the women in the program, too. Something to consider next time.


Thanks for your comment. The current enrollment in HCPR is predominantly male, for whatever reason. There were no HCPR women working at the Sony shoot, but there were a couple in the classroom and production shoots. When I say "a couple" I really mean less than 4. Bottom line: it was mostly men who were there, so that's who we shot to tell the story.

Rick Wilkinson

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