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Location For Rent: Helpful Q&A

A lot of people will be interested in renting out their house after watching our story Location for Rent. But remember, supply exceeds demand. So here's some additional information and advice from the Bulow family, who were in our story and who've rented out their house. Also, advice from David Hatfield of CAST Locations.

What happens when a production crew comes in?

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Who should NOT rent their home out?

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Why do you think your house has been chosen several times?

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What do you look for when deciding whether to include a house in your listings?

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yay!! david. very good information.

very informative, nice work

Why would anyone invest in a "Los Angeles bank" project when it has to do with the Mayor. Why can't he hire people to take down those horrible signs? It's because he is probably getting something out of it. It's GREED. You can tell that he wasn't angry. Some people in the government are making a lot of money. You can bet the signs are not in front of their home. He just wants voluteers to do something about it, because he knows it won't get done.

You won't see them in Beverly Hills or Bel Aire.

We have constructed a back yard theme park that is like New Orleans, Pirates, a cave (Corona Caverns) and a lot of vinyettes. We would be glad to E-Mail photos for your review and consideration. Bill and Suzette Millette

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