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Location for Rent

Updated on February 18, 2010.

In this tight economy more homeowners are trying to get their homes in the movies — or in commercials, or on TV. Production companies will pay several thousand dollars a day to use houses for location shoots.

Jennie and Ken Bulow made nearly $10,000 last year renting their home out for commercials. SoCal Connected's Val Zavala visited them on the day a Dairy Queen commercial was shooting inside their living room.

But before the dollars signs start floating in front of your eyes, consider this. Production is down and location supply is up. David Hatfield owns CAST Locations, a company that represents more than 1000 potential location homes . He's been flooded recently by homeowners hoping to have him represent their home. His clients run the gamut from mansions, to modest bungalows, from quirky bungalows, to standard American homes.

And what's it like if you're lucky enough to have a director choose your home? Be ready for the "circus" to move in, as David Hatfield puts it. But for most homeowners a few thousand dollars of extra income is worth the inconvenience.

CAST Locations
CA Film Commission: How to Market Your Property
FilmL.A. Inc.

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I saw the Locations for Rent segment very interesting
I have a house on 1.27 acres in Apple Valley how do I offer it for rent. who doI contact

Thank you for your help! this is a great idea! Where or how to start it; After more than 23 years leaving in our house, we are loosing our house. My self after many years in IT profession, I lost my job.....I would be interested to know more.....If you could send me some information, I would more appreciated.


We are a location service serving the Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. We would like to add our name to your related resources info. For 26 years, we have represented home owners who would like to have their homes used in future filming projects. Please look at our website. Thank You! Sincerely, Ronnie Mellen, owner

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