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Second Helpings

Originally Aired June 4, 2009 (UPDATED)

At a time of tremendous need, why is there also tremendous waste? From banquet halls, caterers and hotels across southern California tons of perfectly good food ends in landfills. It seems simple — get this food to the hungry. But as Val Zavala found out, it's more complicated than it sounds. Meet the people who have found ways to waste less food and feed more people.

Melissa Balmer, Maitri Quest
Rabbi Marvin Gross and the staff at the Union Station Homeless Services
Steven Landon and the staff at The Langham Hotel and Spa, Pasadena

Rock and Wrap It Up
Food Finders

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When I was living in my station wagon in 1983, my fellow coworkers would drive past me at night and jujst wave in passing. A supervisor that was in recovery gave me a membership at the local "Y" to get cleaned-up each day. Even her own daughter would not want me invited over to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner because I was a Jew. Cat food was an upgrade to dogfood. Why can't we eat leftovers? I did survive, and I have made it back to a normal life. My problem wasn't drugs or that type of thing. I lost it because I got screwed by a bad money deal. A small versiopn of a Madoff.

This bill needs to be passed.....why waste food....everyone needs to be fed and there are so many that go hungry. We serve over 600 meals a day and we constantly need food - So many others have more than they can eat.......

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