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Safe Haven

Follow a day in the life of the Los Angeles Public Library, as Phillip Saffell shows us how this public space serves as his home.

18 million people make use of the Los Angeles Public Library system every year. At the heart is the Central Library located in downtown Los Angeles, a cross-roads of LA culture and its people, commingling in one of the last public places.

Phillip Saffell is one of these regulars. He has been visiting this library almost everyday
for 8 years. With access to computers, art books, and a comfortable desk, the library has become a haven of ideas and productivity. But beyond that, it is the fellow patrons and employees that have made the library a place of safety and respect - a home.

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Thanks for the segment and episode of Safe Haven and to hope that this will open peoples minds to the fact that the Library is a haven or fortress and escape from reality for a few short hours a day that allows you to escape to other worlds to forget about this world, the Library has millions of doors all you have to do is open one of them and escape reality and fly to Mars, ride with Capt. Kirk and Mr.Spock fight Klingons and Romains if you wish Follow the Yellow brick road meet John Wayne, take a ride on Airwolf, just open a book, use the computer and you are gone, but remmeber soon those dreaded words will come...(the Library is now closed.... and as you realise the reality has return, with a grin as you walk ou the door you see the real world... but you soon have a smile , because you remmeber, you can come back tommorrow and do it again

Not Bad Thanks for that

Hi Big Brother, This is a great story and, of course, a tear-jerker as well. Your library is a great place and we don't realize at times that we have a home away from work, especially now. You definitely are a major part of the home at your library. Love your Sister, Chris xo

How good it is to see people given an opportunity to overcome the challenges of their LA no civil servants who know how to do something civil, well before anyone else took interest. This news story is a story of the history of support, not just one singular act of renown.

Good O' for them at the LA Library and to the unsung others who go unheralded in their generous endeavors as well.

My mom, Margaret Knowlton, was a vigorous customer of the LA County library system out of South Gate. I can personally attest to the fact that she was always treated kindly and with the utmost respect. Her requests for the library to bring in more books to satisfy her insatiable appetite for the written word were always honored with a smile by the library staff. The library system, in no small way, allowed this wonderful woman of nine taxing children, to escape through books and live a life she never would have other wise been able to know. She unselfishly shared her gained knowledge with family, friends and strangers whose lives were wonderfully affected and improved. This heritage continues in the personage of Glenn Creason of the LA Library. He was unwittingly shaped and inspired by this woman’s trials, tribulations, genuine personality and love of the human spirit. He ascends now as a steward in his own right.

Lead on McDuff!

That was beautiful- seeing cranky liberrian Glen show such respect for others was amazingly heartening. As a library groupie, it was wondeful to see this story and celebrate the equality afforded to all by our great library. This just reinforces my love for our library and increases my already high appreciation for the patience of our librarians and other staff.

This piece was pretty well done. It's clearly shot, the characters are interesting, and it captures a neat story in a few minutes. But it's unfortunate that in doing so, the piece pretty much rips off a very similar documentary done earlier this year by Emily-Rose Wagner. Here's a link to a trailer for her film:

In producing journalism and documentaries, it's fair that people's work should build upon that of others'. But your work is so similar to Emily-Rose's (including using pretty much all the same interview subjects, shots and repeated use of the word "Home" in describing the library ("Home" was the title of her film), that it's regrettable you did not build upon her work more honesty or attribute anything to her.

That said, again, yours is a neat little piece that hopefully prompts people to be more aware of the effects of gentrification and how few public spaces there are in our society.

Los Angeles is a place overflowing with characters and the spaces they inhabit. When a character or idea appears in more than one media platform, it does not mean plagiarism, it means that their story has been discovered by more than one person. As someone directly involved with the production, I can honestly say that nothing was based on any previous documentary. It was based on experiencing the library and it's patrons on a first-hand basis, and deciding to do a story on them. Any similarities or connections are merely coincidental.

Glen I am so proud to be your sister. When I visited and had the privilage of a private tour of the map exhibit I was impressed beyond words. Now this film shows another part of being a librian, and how you serve all the people not just the elite and educated. Our family has a history of helping the under served so it's no surpise that you and your fellow librarians do such an excellent job. Congratulaltions! I am so proud of you. Sunny just told me she was watching a movie she rented from their local library. They use it regularly for reading and films and a place for research. We all have our library cards in Colorado. Steven took me to the local one in Westminster when I first moved here, and Jill's family and Michelle's go there too. You've been an inspiration to all of us. Your Big Sis Cheryl XO

Here in hope you get nomminated for and EMMY for this piece, if so, don't forget to invite me, sincerly great piece, and to hope there is more people out there who saw this, and think of reality of the real world ands come to escape to another for which for short time, you will be at peace



I will never stop watching Safe Haven

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