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The Search for Work

As the economy continues to falter, double-digit unemployment means that more and more people have lost jobs and they’re often shocked and surprised when it happens.

These days, pounding the pavement means pounding the internet. That's where the unemployed usually go first to find work. But there’s also a non-cyber option. Job fairs are usually one-day events that attract people looking for work.

That’s where we met Christine Heard and Robert Valentine - two typical Southern Californians who were blindsided by losing their jobs. Correspondent Angie Crouch brings us their personal story about the stresses and pressures they both face, along with their determination to find work in these toughest of economic times.

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Very scary times. I am better off than others. I have influential contacts that have kept me in day jobs for the last 8 years while I have been looking for permanent employment. But now with the economy downturn, my days jobs are falling off. BTW, I am one of those well educated people (college degree in computer science and post graduate technical school degree) with years of experience (7 years building and supporting the local county courts' computer networks). In the last 8 years of employment search, I have volunteered to make contacts (1 year at one company) and I have taken several entry level temporary positions to make contacts. Nothing seems to work. What I hear from others looking for employment, this is nothing new. I guess I was just very lucky in my earlier career; and now I am in the more common employment search reality.

I wish for everyone, the economy will pick up and jobs will appear for us all.


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