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The Trashout Squad

It's something few people ever see — the dirty work of contractors hired by banks and mortgage companies to empty out foreclosed homes of whatever the former owners leave behind so the property can be readied for re-sale. Sadly, it’s one of the few growth businesses in these tough economic times.

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I would like to find out how to get involved with the trash out groups. Having recently moved to California, we have virtually no furniture and would love the opportunity to make some money and possibly acquire some furniture. Please send me any info you can regarding these trash out groups.
Margaret Kelsay
19170 Highway 18 Apt 7
Apple Valley, CA 92307

if you find out any info on where you can find help, please let me know. We are in need of furniture too.


When I was a young woman, my in-laws lost their home to foreclosure in Bel Air. They left me to clean up their last bits of belongings while they moved out of state. I still have nightmares of seeing the sheriff's notice on the door.

I am interested in accquiring information regarding the trash out company, or a list of banks that are hiring people for trash outs. I have a number of young men that are interesed and would like to accquire work. Please send information ASAP. I work through a church affiliation and there are many men looking for work.

First of all i like to send out my prayers to all of the families and Human Beings impacted by this situation.

My name is Anthony Brazier i am the Housing Coordinator with a non profit agency in San Bernandino County. Foothill AIDS Project provides case management and housing for homeless client's impacted with HIV/AIDS and other chonic medical problems. We are often running into problems locating basic stuff for client due to our limited budget i.e. beds, sofas and dinning table/chairs. Purpose for this comment is to request contact information on these trash out companys. In the hopes that we may work out situation in which we can fill a need and the company's might be able save soom money that might have gone toward the cost of hauling the stuff to the dumpster.
Contact Info:
909-482-2066 ext.301

Thanks so much

I also would like to send out my thoughts and prayers to those who have been impacted by these terrible times, my family also is struggling to stay afloat.I am interested in accquiring information regarding the trash out company, or a list of banks that are hiring people for trash outs.Please send information ASAP. Thank you for all your help.


Hello; How and/or where can I get/find in touch with these guys of the trash out squad? Thanks, :-)

WE Trash Out Clean Out and Help Out in Palmdale CA if you need our services. We also donate to those who are rebuilding and helpout both sides.


I would like info on trash out companies

i just can't comprehend how these people live with themselves. there are so many people in need, how could they not come up with another business model besides throwing perfectly good items in the landfill. this is what is wrong with this country.

Wow, these people are idiots. "It's a shame we have to throw this stuff away." IT'S CALLED A RESALE SHOP. IT'S CALLED SALVATION ARMY. 'Dur, this looks really valuable. I'll put it in da trash daaaaaa....' Seriously, SELL THAT STUFF AND MAKE A PROFIT. IT COSTS YOU NOTHING!!!

Are you telling me these 'contractors' know nothing about Craigslist or the many other Goodwill-esque types of options? Donate it! This is absolutely ridiculous - a prime example of the obsessive quest for financial gain, lack of creativity, community or ingenuity and general disregard for the environment. Shame on you all.

I would like to receive info to get in touch with the trash out company. I believe my company can help them out with some of the items. Thanks

Throwing these items out doesn't make any sense to me. First, do the banks contact the owner's and give them the opportunity to haul away their things and store them at a friend's or relatives? The bank should only have a deed for the property itself, correct, not their personal artifacts? Second, I'd like to set up a charitable warehouse if the banks aren't interested in keeping the items and re-distribute them appropriately. It's unimaginable that there aren't people anywhere in the world that couldn't use them! Is there some kind of legal issue against this? It's horrific to think these perfectly things are going into an already overtaxed landfill system. It also seems incredibly short-sighted that some people think the economy will never get any better and that these things will never be of any use. Any answers you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to help.

I own a rubbish removal company in Seattle, WA and I was hoping kcet could point me in the right direction of where our company may be able to provide trashout services for the high rate of foreclosures.
Thank You, Kevin @ Always Affordable Hauling

When I saw this on TV I was just shocked at the stuff that is throw out. Why not hire a separate agency to come in and gather stuff to donate or resell and donate the money to Tent City. For cryin out loud.

I'm empathetic for these families who are losing thier homes as I have had similar situations being a single parent. I would love to get some info on how to start a trash-out biz. I would also like to find out if you need a license of some type. My son and I need an opportunity and help others thru donating some of the items. How do I find out who the banks are?

I'm interested in getting in to the business of cleaning out any house to get it back on the market. All goods worth donating would be parmount for those in need.In these times many things could be given to those in need. We all are involved in getting our economey back on track. I myself was at fourclousure they gave me plenty of notice to get my things out. Do not blame the banks. If you do they only gave you what you asked for.....

Te report by Val Zavala about foreclsures and about the guy (John Ploker?) who claims to have "came up" with the word "trash-out". Well, John did not invent that term as he claims. John Lies! This has been an industry term and it has been around the real estate, REO, foreclosure, industry for at least a decade. John probably also lies about where all the 'nice' furniture and large flatscreen TV's end up. Probably at his house.

This is a HUGE business right now! If you are a trashout company seeking more work like me check out It's a free REO Vendor services directory used by REO agents to find companies who provide REO services. I hope to do as well as I did last year!

Good luck to all....

I am in awe, that anyone could do this kind of thing to another human being. The items could be resold, and whom ever are loosing their homes could use the money for a new start. My sister and I are interested in participating in the Clean out house, also, a homeless shelter would be great for the people that loose their homes to foreclosures. It is sad that someones misfortune can be taken in vain. I would love to apologize to anyone who has lost their their home in any unfortunate situations. I will pray that everyone gets their homes back, and through the grace of God that you all will be blessed. As long as you have your health and strength you will prevail.

Are you telling me that these guys can't find anyone to take this stuff...bull! They is the perfect combination of greed and sloth. In addition to the thousands of Americans that could use the stuff, they could also put the stuff all in a storage container and ship it to another country. Better yet they could rent a warehouse for a mere fraction of the money they make and send out 'come and get it' emails to all non profits in the area.

What slimy slimy men they are.

I am heartbroken with your story about Keith Woodardm,and the 'trashout' system paid by the banks in order to turn houses over asap.
I have greater disdain for banks today, due to your story. There are people out there who could use so many of the items being dumped into a landfill.
Perhaps some of these decision makers should live in homeless shelters for a while, or go to third world countries and see how people with nothing live and how much they would appreciate the items that the banks and their employees are throwing into a landfill.
With all the awarenenes of recycling... on what plant are these decisoin makers living on?
When we first came to USA, we had very little and I noticed how reckless people were with their trash. I just became aware that 'these people' much not have a conscience.
Only in America!!!!!

With all the needy people in all parts of this nation, how can the Lenders just throw away perfectly good stuff? That is so COLD, HEARTLESS and such a waste. Are you so cold that you don't want any individual to profit from things you are taking to landfills? Why do you only consider charity organizations? Why not help some of the needy people by GIVING it to them? What kind of people are Americans anymore? You probably think some one may sell what they get. I say so what? You were just throwing it in a landfill. Why not 'help somebody' for a change without grudge? Just like the things that you would rather label trash and dump it, you have the same evil attitude about all those empty homes. You'd rather let them set empty and rot than to price them where some less fortunate people could have a roof over their heads. Most of you don't believe in God and would never desire to help hurting people in this hurting nation that you people brought to it's knees with you greed. I have never had anything substantial, but have always done what I could to help some people down on their luck. You had better hope (I know you don't pray) that God never cause you to switch places with the homeless, hopeless and hurting people out there so you can see what it's like to be down on your luck. The way things are going at this time, due to your greed and ruthlessness, it can happen whether or not you believe it. I wouldn't be surprised if it does. My heart goes out to all those families who have lost, and are still losing their homes due to the skulduggery of our American financial business community.

We are a leading trash-out and clean-up company that specializes in REO properties in South Orange County. Feel free to visit our website at for all of our contact information. Thanks.

I think it is despicable that banks hire trash out companies to destroy perfectly usable household goods and add them to heaps in lands fills. There are plenty of organizations who could work with them to recycle and reuse these goods. As another alternative, there's, which requires the least effort on the part of someone wanting to get rid of stuff. You just need to sign up and post what you're offering. The bank could post where and when freecyclers could come and take stuff, and then have someone be there to watch over the event. How hard (or expensive) is that?

How about assistance for estate-sales, garage/yard-sales in the first place? This would provide families with money, and would allow families improved opportunies in "starting-over." With the tough economic times, estate and garage-sales provide much sought-after bargains.

Will SOCAL CONNECTED do a follow-up story; that includes mention of estate/garage-sale alternatives?

Trash-outs must be treated as last-resorts; that would mostly rid properties of worthless junk.

I too, also wondered why everything has to go to waste. Why are people in such a hurry to dump stuff instead of letting people like freecycle, etc. know, and come and get them? It's called "curb alerts". The greed of people is just mind boggling.

My heart goes out to anyone who has loss there home and there personal belonging. I want to know how to contact thoes who can share how to get in the trashout bussiness in N.C. I do beleive there's a way to get the job done and also give back to others who have experience loss if not the ones at hand. I willing to share this will anyone who would like to see something postive evolves out of a bad situation.If you can help me in anyway please e-mail me.


Please contact me regarding this trashout business.
I also live in NC.

I just saw your show online.
I think its a waste to throw away good furniyure.
We run a non-profit organization, and will benefit grately from any donations of furnitures before they are trashed.
We can even come and pick them up
You can contact us at

I work with a nonprofit that provides for more than 3,000 homeless and low income individuals. The majority of clients are single mothers struggling to make ends meet for their children. We could greatly benefit from furniture donations for the transitional home and for many families who are in need.
We have some hard working individuals transitioning to back to stability, who could assist, on an ongoing basis, with transporting the furniture and goods to those in need.
Please contact us...

I live in Jerome Idaho and would be willing to seek a new job doing trash outs I already do some around here in twin falls but theres not enough work or house's yo make money so if there is some one that could help me. I have two trilers and truck and willing to work hard. Thank you,

I would like to know how t start a trassh out business?

I was wondering if anybody knows of some trashout company hiring. I've worked on this before.

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