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Family Matters

On May 26, 2006, California Connected brought you this look at an experiment in San Diego County where foster kids from abused and neglected backgrounds were given a novel chance at success. The teens — aged 13 to 18 — lived in the country's first combination group home/high school. They also shared the campus with people old enough to be their grandparents. The senior volunteers in the program were given one instruction only — to just care about the kids. The results may change the way you think about foster teens, about seniors and about family.

Since airing in 2006, "Family Matters" has become a KCET Thanksgiving tradition. We rebroadcast it with an update on the group home, which suffered a devastating fire in 2007.

Editor: Michael Bloecher

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This informative program has been viewed and recommended to friends and always elicits positive and effusive responses whereever it is aired. Most recently in a discussion after it aired, the party pledged to make the pilgrimage to San Pasqual to see what they could do to help. Thank you KCET for "SoCal Connected and your fine producer Angela Shelley. Angela really 'gets it' as it relates to this story. Elder Nichols

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