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Billboard Confidential - Part 4

Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa has been silent on the subject of billboards until we caught up with him last week. You may be surprised to hear how he wants residents to do the job of city employees when it comes to cleaning up the signs of LA. And those signs are getting out of control and are chasing some residents out of town.

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Thanks KCET for giving the residents and hard working professionals in the city of Los Angeles a voice, and exposing Frank Rahban for who he is really is.

This telecast is retribution to the injustice served by folks like Frank, that choose greed over firefighter and public safety.

Overblown, monstrous, Supergraphic signs blight the city and are not designed to cover up buildings. In-your-face all-over-the-place advertising that force feed product pitches down your throats should not dictate a design for any city.

BTW -- Why would building owner Frank Rahban "evict" Dr. David Allan, a tenant in good standing that has paid his rent on time for over 16 years?

If I had a tenant with such a good track record, I'd reward him with some kind of honor -- Instead we got a default notice.

Find out the truth behind his actions and the rest of the story at the blog that started all the commotion in the first place...

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