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Billboards: Blight or Art?

Inherent to much of our coverage of Los Angeles' billboard controversy has been the idea that billboards are an eyesore, a distraction and a blight on our urban landscape. But ask some people and they will point to billboards as artful time capsules perfectly expressing a moment in time and in our culture.

Photographer Gary Leonard looked at some Kodachrome slides offered by an acquaintance and saw all these things in the images. So he is curating an exhbit of photographs depicting billboards from the '50s and '60s. Here's a little preview:

Take My Picture gallery
860 S. Broadway (@ 9th)
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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a nostalgic trip down memory lane..

Left me wanting to see more!Lots more.

This piece takes us on a journey (360 degrees) from what we saw in Karen Foshay's exguisite Billboard investigation. This is a very nice highlight to the historical context of billboards.

I enjoyed this very much.

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