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Departures: Los Angeles River

Once home to a wide variety of birds, fish and other wildlife, the Los Angeles River provided desperately needed water to the region. Until the 1930s, that is, when the Army Corps of Engineers began the process of paving 80% of the river, turning it into a ribbon of concrete.

Now, work on the Los Angeles River has moved from flood control to conservation, as advocacy groups and individuals take on the task of preserving and restoring the river and its wildlife.

Departures: L.A. River takes online visitors into often neglected and nearly forgotten portions of the river, as we learn from activists, residents and politicians about the importance of returning the river back to its natural state.


Join KCET Departures on April 30th for LA’s Day of Service at El Rio De Los Angeles State Park, be part of La Gran Limpieza, share your stories, pix and memories of the river at our StoryShare event and hear Ozomatli sing your songs about the river.

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