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Track to the Future?

Here's a story you can take part in. First, watch the video about a California dream, one in which a sleek, state-of-the-art train whisks you from L.A. to San Francisco in less than three hours, and helps save the planet while doing so. The reality, of course, is that such a train will cost at least $40 billion, and some experts think the final price could be double that. So some questions remain: Is a high-speed railroad the answer to our inter-city transportation problems? And if so, how will we ever pay for it?

Next, get involved. Come see SoCal Connected host Val Zavala in person as she takes the story off the screen and into the public square — Zócalo Public Square. Val will moderate a panel discussion addressing the future of high-speed rail in California. The panel will include a number of experts, including L.A. County Metropolitan Transit Authority Board Member Richard Katz, Gloria Ohland of Reconnecting America, and Adrian Moore of the Reason Foundation.

It's all part of PBS's Blueprint America, a yearlong multi-platform initiative examining infrastructure issues throughout America and the world.

PLUS: A Stop in Visalia?
It's not really high-speed rail if the train makes a lot of stops. But towns up and down the proposed rail route are lobbying hard to make sure they get a fast train station.

Blueprint America visited Visalia, and created a portrait of the mayor there, who's doing what he can to bring high-speed rail to a halt in his city.

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