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Hung Out To Dry?

Some residents of LA neighborhoods recently got a nasty surprise. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently declared parts of L.A. to be flood zones. But, as correspondent Judy Muller reports, FEMA used 40-year-old maps as the basis for their decision. And the City of L.A. failed to intervene, even though FEMA gave the city the chance. Now many residents are facing huge bills for insurance, and are blaming both federal and local governments for hanging them out to dry.

This story was the first in our duPont-Columbia award winning series on FEMA's flood maps. Watch the other two here:

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I own a home in this same exact area. I am going the the same struggles that this lady experienced with The flood Insurance.
My house was built in 1924 and has never been in a flood zone. the problem I've experienced is that everything that is accessible by the internet is showing my house in a flood zone.
I check the FloodGov site and it reads critical flood insurance needed. This land is in no danger of flood ever.

How can I go about getting some assistance with this same issue.

I wish that there were some clear answers to this mess. I live in Senator Schumer's district and he has been great at fighting this NEW TAX on homeowners. Two hundred years this town has been in existence and never had a major flood. You need to keep up the pressure and enlist the help of your elected reprehensive. Make sure that you scrutinize FEMA’s base flood elevation (BFE) it’s a shame the program isn’t investigated more in depth. As of today March 29th 2010 the bill to continue the program is packaged with an unemployment extension bill that is sitting on Congress desk waiting for there return after Easter. How much do you want to bet that it get’s pushed through with out separating the two.

Ask yourself “who is worse the prostitute, the pimps or the johns”?
The National Flood Insurance Program in a desperate attempt to stay alive has prostituted itself, their pimps are the insurance industry and yes the tax payer and congress are the johns.
They have lobbing Congress for mandatory preparation, high risk rates, asking for forgiveness of the note to the US Treasury; lenders must participate or face fines, escrow accounts for enforcement, and so on and so on.
The program has become so much automated to the point that if a property that is found to be in the flood zone your lender will notify the barrower they must buy flood insurance. If the owner does not comply the leader will open an escrow account for them.
The GAO has estimates at least 56% of premiums are for selling policies.
I say estimate because it turns out fema is not keeping track of these cost they paid.
Yes the flood program is a much like a prostitute, the pumps are the greedy insurance industry and we and congress are the JOHNS.
Like I said the program is so automated it no longer needs insurance agents to sell their product.
The program needs to sell direct.
A savings up to 56% should be possible right away.
Want to cut your flood insurance bill by 56% or more.
Tell congress.

See how much WYO companies are making off of you on flood insurance.

Read the report from the GAO

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