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Too Poor to Go Green?

Southern California has long been seen to be at the forefront of the "going green" movement. But now, a coalition of Southern California cities are saying they're too poor to meet the state's clean water standards, and have instigated an unprecedented legal action to make their case.

Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board
Heal the Bay
EPA site on stormwater runoff

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Caught my first SoCalConnected in the Sat. rebroadcast. Kudos! For the whole episode. Light pollution? Darn straight! However, seeing my neighbors in Signal Hill fighting to avoid restraining the garbage they help to send to Long Beach beaches disgusted me.

Sure the SigHill city manager will make a lot of friends among those who are pennywise and pound foolish. If there's not enough funds for public health, then we all have to hope and pray to die young.

Glad to hear that the safeguarding laws were reinstated. Had no idea where that fight stood. Thanks for bringing me up to date.

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