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Update: Hung Out To Dry?

Correspondent Judy Muller has reported on some South L.A. home owners who had been hit with big insurance bills after FEMA declared their neighborhoods to be flood zones. Muller found the problem isn't isolated. She followed up and found a similar situation in Ventura County.

This story was the second in our duPont-Columbia award winning series on FEMA's flood maps. Watch the other two here:

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Thank you for the show high-lighting the outrageous behaviour of FEMA. My husband and I have lived in the same house in Santa Margarita, CA for over 11 years and my husband grew up in this town. Our house has NEVER flooded, we live nowhere near a creek, river or the ocean, yet we have been obliged by FEMA to buy this expensive and utterly unecessary insurance. We have written to FEMA to try and make them understand that we are nowhere near a flood zone but all is in vain. Surely their actions are illegal?

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