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March 18, 2010

"The Price of Power" was updated on July 8, 2010.

The City of Los Angeles has a $200 million-plus budget deficit. Some workers are losing their jobs. Others are taking pay cuts and unpaid days off. But there's one city agency where layoffs and furloughs don't exist. It's the city-owned Department of Water and Power. Last year DWP workers won pay raises worth some $300 million over the next five years. Meanwhile, the mayor wants to add a surcharge to electric bills to pay for green energy projects. Anchor Val Zavala takes a look at the department where electric power meets political power with sometimes shocking results. Plus, writer Marcos Villatoro shares some thoughts about his electric bill. And, who doesn't love a train? Especially one that could get you from L.A. to San Francisco in less than three hours. But at what price? SoCal's Saul Gonzalez looks at the promise and perils of California's proposed high-speed train.

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The Council members are more interested in gouging the public and put at-risk-of-layoff city workers into DWP. Council was told that 800 DWP slots can be filled by June. The council is only adept at turning a bad situation into a disaster. They overspent for years, and have shown themselves to be totally useless to the public for any budget control solutions. The city's spending exceeds income by $380,000.00 each day. That makes more layoffs and service cuts needed for each day of hand-wringing.

They act like an employment agency instead of a city government. Garcetti is a slimy spinner with his "we are family here." He is just concerned with the impact on his future mayor's office bid. (by that time there'd by no middle class left as people are being taxed to death, and businesses flee; what business or family would relocate within the city limits as rising costs seem endless and fire and police services endanger the public's security and safety?

No matter what happens, they will have no personal responsibility for it. Successors will inherit this as the self-serving nature of each council member will lead them to new elections- heck, ex-City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo still thinks he's state Attorney General material and he was lying left and right, even before his term began (his campaign
resume with fictional achievements).

In DWP, now instead of losing jobs, or even status quo or reduced hours, it's all about raises, and more membership to pay dues for D'Arcy to become even stronger.

Council member were really not concerned with matching skills needed for changing jobs, a real sham of a placement effort by these micro-managers. So the expenses of DWP are, as usual, entirely paid by the public, and D'Arcy doesn't care. Why should he? He runs the place and COULD shut the city down via DWP.

The DWP is out of control. Freeman is no RATE PAYER ADVOCATE, he's a shill for the union, Villaraigosa panders to labor and the public has to eat it in the end. Council approves raises to appease the union since it costs nothing to THEM, and the DWP is good for $220 million a year of cash that's paassed to the city.

What crooks. Meanwhile, the "slumlord" DWP does no real preventive maintenance or upgrade of infractructure. We see water mains bursting regularly. After-the-fact service instead of upgrading water and power services with their "profits" that are given away, and not even used to cover overhead of inflated salaries and so on. A firefighter's death was attibuted to old equipment, yet the cash bypasses any effort to remedy old or sometimes, just ancient, infrastructure. What's wrong with that picture? The Council doesn't know- they haven't turned on the lights to see.

With a lying Mayor, why should anyone else feel a need to be honest? No more votes for any of them- enjoy your last terms all of you slugs at City Hall.

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