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February 10, 2011

The city of Los Angeles has been battling over billboards for years. Now the debate over advertising is spilling over into park space. Correspondent Brian Rooney investigates whether or not the city is selling public park space to advertisers. Then, if you thought the dust had settled around the issue of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, think again. Despite a new law regulating the clinics and a lottery to help decide which ones can remain open, any signs of progress in reining in their number seem to have vanished. Correspondent Judy Muller updates us on the on-going saga of L.A.'s reefer madness.

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We love your program.
Thanks for this park expose. Perhaps you could highlight how the Nazis destroyed the public gardens which they could have easily taken with the power of eminent domain over on Alameda. It is time to fight back and make this city green. You can do it. The mayor is a fool who Marches for Immigration. What about his promises of less traffic, better schools etc. Instead he was dibbling television reporters. Look they did it in Egypt, take the city back from the fools.

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