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February 10, 2012

They look the same, dress the same, get the same training and wear the same badge, but they're not full-time cops, and they're not even paid. Meet the members of the Los Angeles Police Department's Reserve Corps, the regular citizens who back up the city's 10,000 cops and whose numbers are on the rise.

Plus, Gov. Jerry Brown recently reignited the battle over high-speed rail with his State of the State address, in which he again pushed for the multi-billion dollar project to go forward. But whether it's a boon for California or simply a boondoggle remains to be seen. We partnered with KQED-TV in San Francisco and the makers of the documentary "Train Wars" to take another look at the future of the bullet train in California.

And, last but not least, our sharp-witted commentator Brian Unger throws in his two cents.

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